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Bus Cairo to Tel Aviv - Jerusalem

2005-09-21 09:20:00

Bus Cairo to Tel Aviv - Jerusalem
2:22 PM Wednesday, September 22, 2005

I am ready to leave Cairo, Egypt by bus to Jerusalem, Israel. I am 100 Dollars poorer with a Visa to India in my passport, I have purchased a 55 Dollar U.S. Bus Ticket from MISR Tours in the Cairo Sheraton which I hope gets me to Israel. They seem about 2 on the1-10 scale as far as professionalism, as I had to sit there for one-half hour while every fat man from Egypt cut the line and then when I finally stood up, they decided to do something. First the time was 5:30 in the morning, then they changed to 9:15, I really think they are clueless, however so what same as normal. I was very happy with the Lady in Mazada Tours in Jerusalem, she was top-notch and the only reason I went to MISR tours is because I believe it is their affiliate in Cairo. Palestine people just do not know how modern there country is and how well they live, I just have trouble believing the world some days and all their gripes. In a country like Egypt or Niger where everything is a mess nobody seems to worry, in Palestine or Israel where everything runs pretty much on like clockwork they complain about the quality of Life. All are Arab in Mentality so that means the grab for money, so this is standard. I suppose Niger is not Arab; however, they do grab for money so more or less the same.

I got on the internet and found the telephone number here in Cairo, however opted to take a taxi to the Sheraton Cairo to buy the ticket to Israel. I would fly however; the plane is about 300 Dollars for what should be a 150-dollar plane ticket. There are about 35 Travel Agents outside my door, so this is good and bad; good there are many, however bad because they are not good at helping.

I found it better to buy a plane ticket directly from the airlines as the best option.