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Bread and Jam

2005-09-28 03:33:00

Bread and Jam

I am in what I feel to be an over-priced Budget Hotel here in Mumbai, I cannot say the name until I leave.

I look for value, and was hoping to have a good breakfast, instead I am getting the world-wide normal breakfast. I will admit though there is an elegance to having it sent to my room on this platter and if I just did not care or thought I was feeling special then I would be impressed. Instead I am feeling cheated.

White Toast and Strawberry Jam, instant Coffee, and a patty of Butter.

This is the typical breakfast included with a Hotel room for most of the planet, I almost never care if they include breakfast. 90 percent of the time it means toast and jam, and coffee or tea, instant coffee. Extremely cheap and easy to put on the list of benefits, lacking in any real meaning or service, however when you are in a country that is annoying to move or walk you can hide and have a little food, the only way to have a normal breakfast is to go pay three times what I would pay in the USA to hide in a Four or Five Star Hotel Restaurant.

As best I can tell the pay in India is about 200 to 300 Dollars USA per month, this mean room service is cheap.

Ok, I am going to go look for a room today, the reason is this, the Hotel room is very nice, no air, however for 20 dollars it is 10 dollars more than I wish to pay, I cannot or have not discovered a common area. I am going to have a meeting with my techie Andrew and a SEO - Search Engine Optimization expert by the name of Stephen. We need to sit around and talk, as best I can discover there is no place in this hotel to talk together, however the rooms are excellent for hiding from India. CNN, TV and HBO so I can sit, and not think about India, plus it is on a quiet street. That is the true benefit of this Hotel. I will go for a high floor and in a more busy place and a common area for me, Stephen and Andrew to sit and talk. I sure do not want two nerdy techs in my room all the timeā€¦ hehehe

What this breakfast is missing is protein, and Strawberry Jam is a sugar rush and only makes me addicted to sugar. Instant coffee I have already made in my room, I am proficient at coffee, I hope to be able to cook toast soon also on my dual cooking, heating invention.

Aagh! I walked around today, this is a good value, the others are terrible.