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BBC Filming Today in Zinder Niger

2005-09-09 02:00:00

I am in Zinder, Niger a vibrant city full of activity and noise, many Motorcycles here and some are very large. I am here in the Internet Cafe early hoping to publish about 200 photos so I can send out my newsletter with a minimum amount of push in a bad Internet Cafe.

This one is cutting edge for computers. Inlaid dropped computers. USB external connector wire, a pop up that says I can only open 7 window. That is a first on the 7 window, I am sure they are trying to keep me from monopolizing all the bandwidth.

I went to the hard to spell Medecins San Frontieres Office here in Zinder and talked with a man from Fez, Morocco by the name of Achmet, he is director or something. He had a meeting and I walked a couple of hundred meters with him and I go back to talk with him at 2:30. I mentioned the BBC show on the Food problems and said they are coming back today to film. I will try to be there, this will be good fun.

Achmet said the BBC is good, however they can twist the words, so I am trying to figure out what the hopes are with the - Doctors Without Borders - the translation of the French above.

There office is low key and seems essential in comparison to most NGO offices, more practical, there are many people sitting around outside.

I was just thinking, if you saw the BBC show that was Filmed in Zinder according to Achmet and other than you would think I just saw some dying babies. There were no small children on the outside just chubby mothers and men doing something. There may well be problem children on the inside, note this did not look like tents, this is buildings. I am not sure where they filmed, I will try to find out.

I have some really good pictures and want to blog them today, I will not go and track down the American Peace Corps.

I will leave I think for Agadez tomorrow.

Mom and Dad need to read this.... hehehe

The food crisis here is not a famine per say, it is a Chronic or Acute malnourished problem etc. And etc, I am not a doctor and do not read literally what I explain.

The problem here is a Food Problem and maybe similar to almost all very poor countries, I think in South America they could have worst problems up in the mountains or on the Amazon. I for sure think the Amazon has worst, and nobody there last time I was on it.

The all comes down to not the proper balance of foods, too much MILLET, Peanuts maybe, these are everywhere however vegetables are not. Nutritional problems.

When you have long term lacking in Vitamins and such you become vulnerable to problems like Malaria, Cholera, hygiene problems, Respitory problems. Etc.

It is not the malnourished that get you.

I will return to the Doctors without Borders office at 4 to try to photo the BBC.

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