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Antique Telephone in Jordan

2005-09-27 06:10:00

Antique Telephone in Jordan

This is a photo of a telephone sitting on the desk inside the Cliff Hotel in Central Amman, Jordan. The owners a Christian guy from the Palestine territories, as Jordan is 65 percent Palestine he tells me has a lot of old English type devices and system as he said the area was colonized by England. I am just repeating, not too sure, however for sure Amman, Jordan speaks some of the best English on the planet for a second language.

Take look, all sorts of buttons, a crank, I think it was used to connect to the various rooms in the Hotel. I told him, I think this is valuable, take great care if people try to buy it; he said one woman already offered 200 Dollars.

Telephone in Jordan, probably an Antique.