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Annoying Person

2005-09-05 12:33:00

Annoying Person
September 5, 2005

xxxxx the worker for xxxxNGO Quebec a wanna be Canadian however born to a Niger Mother and I think a Canadian White Father is just plain annoying. She has lived for two and one half years in a House paid for by Oxfam Quebec. She got up late for work today, came home at noon and waddled around, she is living on the benefits of being a pretty girl in a country, and she is a practicing Atheist. Her boyfriend makes documentaries, and is a rock singer. He was here, however he does not like it in Niger and needed to go to Canada to use the computer systems there. I would say…. He got the Hell out of Dodge.

Why does a person that work for some NGO believe they are an expert on the world, there is nothing that qualifies these people to even discuss the world, they have never been to more than three countries in their lives. I was trying to explain to her that in Chiapas, Mexico it more of a problem of Mexican Corruption over a hundred years, then a food problem. There are places like Chiapas where there appears to be plenty of food, however maybe very little money or systematic racism.

XXXXXX is the expert on everything and impossible to discuss anything with her, she is arrogant and just a rich sucking on the NGO system person.

Wonder how I can say all this, she does not know my last name and for sure, she does not know my web site. She is so self-centered a person can live in her home for four days and never learns about the other person. This to me is epidemic coverage of the mentality of NGOs. Listen to me; however, I really already know it all, so why would I ask questions or learn from anyone. I am very glad to leave this mentally blank environment.

I sometimes experiment to test on self-centered behavior, can I get there email address, however they do not ask or want mine. Can I take photos of them however; they have no idea what I am going to do with them. There are many ways of talking with a person where they only care or talk about themselves and I am not even included in the conversation.

I was laughing or thinking about the Airline Attendant on the plane coming here, he ask me where I was from, what I was doing, why Niger and made me write down my Web site address while I went to the back of the plane to use the toilet. I wanted a glass of water, and asked him from which country he was from, whether it is Egypt, Morocco or Niger, he was from Morocco. I always have this curiosity about Airline people, they can live in two or three cultures and some cultures like the Islamic dress code makes it strange on how you could have a western dressed female airline attendant.

There is this secularization of religion and work, most will change anything or everything for work, or want to change.