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Airport Secularism in Morocco

2005-09-19 10:39:00

Airport Secularism in Morocco
9:29 AM September 19, 2005 Monday

The Islamic religion is interesting to observe, much like the differences between Catholics, Baptist and Protestants in the Christian Religion, you have many forms of Islam.

I have entered the Airport and the Country of Morocco, I had no choice I guess, and I needed to receive the Morocco pass to retrieve or try to retrieve my luggage. However as I walk around aimlessly for the next eight hours it is interesting to see the changes of the Islamic Clothing in the Airport. The airport has a social pressure; most people feel a need to dress up a little more, be a little more distinguished and for sure do not act like a hick.

This translates into the action of the Islamic women, they tend take off the complete face covers and I have not seen many times women that had to have been covered completely before now walking around in what is similar to a Choir Robe. I am always curious, did I see this person before, and is she a persons eyes I saw before. The second and not my culture so I do not understand is the covered mother and the stylish daughter, the mother can look fully dressed up in the religious dress, and the girl looks like she has been reading Glamour Magazine too much.

Strangely, the men seem to become more religious in many aspects except for the desire to enter the Duty Free Shop and buy liquor. However, I see many people praying in the most obvious locations and when I am in the Islamic countries you almost never see them pray, unless you are sort of looking for it.
My friend Babanguida from Zinder is good kid, 20 years old and I kept saying to him that he should get a wife. I pointed at the pretty fully dressed Islamic girls and he would say,
- No Islamic-
Why, you are Islamic
- Too Complicated -

I am not sure what he means, however in Christian terms, there are some Holy Roller girls that would carry their bibles with them to the pool, and I would say this is too complicated also.

I keep trying to resolve or think through Niger in my mind, whatever the case, I believe the country is a little on the small side, 10 Million people and I should always encourage. Here is a second from the bottom on the HDI Index.

The Human Development Index

This mean they are very lowly developed Humans or something like that, it is very hard to believe they are that low, in some ways the country is very high in my mind, however it is the lack of education where they are low for me. I have to admit I have never seen so many people with zero schooling. This is the first country I have ever entered where a taxi driver could not read the address and take me there.

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