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4-7 Percent Problem

2005-09-08 12:41:00

4-7 Percent Problem
5:52 AM September 7, Wednesday Maradi Niger

What you may have here is the normal 4-7 Percent problem of any somewhat normal societies. There is a percentage of my guess that is 4 percent that will not work, cannot work, or some way shape or another do not or will not take care of himself or herself. They expect to be taken care of; there are different statistical ways of manipulating this number.

However you then have a flux number of 3 from the 4-7 percent where they may wish to work however are not good at finding work.

The 4-7 Percent Problem is my term an Andy idea of looking at the world, however I also normally say that when you get unemployment down to 4, there is 1 percent being forced to work, that really will do about anything to avoid working.

What happens when you do not have social systems?

The Dole? - I am not sure how to spell, however in Europe, Australia, or most of the world people live on the “Dole.”

Food Stamps
Unemployment or other ways of transferring money down to people who need to be supported by the bigger society.

Retirement plans
This is by far the biggest problem on the planet to me, the lack of a nationalized retirement or social security system that pays for people that are too old to take care of themselves.

As I entered or traveled by bus from Niamey to Maradi, I looked out the window with the eyes of an Indiana Farm boy who spent about 8 summers of his life working a farm in the Midwest of the USA where corn, wheat, soybeans and Cows rein the world. I lived in a small city of 400 people and good ole boys of top status.

I noticed out the windows of bus that the soil was a red clay soil mostly and helped the locals build home easily and create the adobe like bricks.

(CNN - I am listening to CNN repeat and repeat, I have two stations on the TV and CNN is repetitive as hell, it can drive a person crazy. However, they are only about the blame game, they suck, and they are doing the best to make this New Orleans situation into a national smear. Note, I am very sad for this problem however, in reality I am absolutely positive my nation is able to mobilize and save these people. Can you imagine, they are already issuing ATM or bank card, this is a high tech solution, very good USA, I am proud of you. Bangladesh, India, anywhere there is a huge river delta, probably on the Amazon has this type of flood problem on a regular basis, and the people die in mass. The Philippines has regular flood problems as best I can see, I am not an expert however water is always a travel problem, in Costa Rica I could not go to the east coast because the buses did nor run, I was not able to put my computer in the bottom of the bus or learned that it is a bad idea while in Oaxaca, Mexico because the bus would drive into the roads covered by water and flood the baggage compartments.)

NOTE: CNN is CNN world or Europe and not the USA version, they are much more critical and speak specifically to the audience and adapt the -NEWS- to what the see is the best tact for money. I would hate to think what they do with the CNN for the Arab World.


I have not seen the huge smoke stacks in Niger, this is why or maybe the difference between a brick that will eventually dissolve or wash away and a brick that is harder than stone.

(CNN is digging on the late response to the New Orleans, they are very stupid, I hope the world starts to wake up and revolt against this type of news people that through a form of evil manipulation of well-intended people, they create a problem, this is evil, to cause people to fight. How can they say the whole USA government moved faster or slower, they moved as fast as they could, no more, no less, as if any one person can move the government of the USA faster or slower?)

The home situation is perfect for the NGOs to raise money, there is this clay soil that is great for making homes, however it creates what the normal person with a western mindset would consider or think is horrible. A clay soil is great for home, the home are cool, much better than a grass hut, and more durable, however if they do not back the clay bricks they will wash away eventually.

I do not know much about drainage or understand how well the aquafuge or how the soil works with clay, however it was raining all morning as we left Niamey and I was celebrating because water means food, anywhere with water has food. However, the water was not absorbed into the soil and quickly formed lakes and huge puddles as the clay soil did not suck up the water like black dirt does. I am wondering if this is why there is a river in Niger, if this ground soaked or sponged up the rains, there would not be enough water to make it or drain to the rivers. However, the river is big, or seems very big to me.

I just went and looked at my climate maps in the Encarta Encyclopedia.

There is a correlation between having money and the amount of water or the farm conditions of the planet. Oil has created a way for many of the worst farmland areas on the planet to have enough money to become abusive or helpful to their people.

Notice or try to imagine, where are the rich areas of this map, why is there a correlation between money and water. The SAHARA Desert is the top section of Africa.

Sometimes the new problem is not a new problem, the problem is really the solution maybe, we now hare hyper-aware of problems on the planet.

Chain of problem

1. Send them a tractor, so they can farm better.
2. One person now produces what 30 subsistence farmers could produce.
3. Now you have 29 people under-employed or un-employed.

So what do you think, did you do them a favor, or did you kill them, then the next thing is the fantasy or myth that a government in these countries wants to help or take care of their people.

As we went from Niamey to or upon entering the area of Maradi City in Niger the crops and farm animals increased, I believe that Maradi is one of the richer farm areas and commerce areas of Niger. The Niger River going into or through Niamey makes the place better suited for large number of people to live.

I have not checked the rivers of Maradi, however I think this is the area where many river start, I was looking at the map of Nigeria, the interesting development is then that Niger has about 11 million and Nigeria has about 133 million, so going from dry to wet has a sudden jump in population. Moreover, Niger I think is bigger.

What a wonder of the world to have all this information in my computer so I can sit here with zero idea what questions I am going to be curious about, however with some advanced computer skills by me, and the collecting of certain information sources on my computer, I am able to dwell on issue of the planet. What a great world I live in and what a great time. Now if I could just figure out how to tap into the internet while at the end of the planet.

There is store selling GMS phone or something in Niamey, when I was in Iraq after the major fighting ended, I could have purchased a satellite telephone easily. Maybe I would suspect some of these overpaid and under worked NGO people has some great toys, maybe I can figure out how they have had enough money to pay their way to the top of the Internet communication curve. I will see if I can tap in, or I am hoping they have paid to figure out how to have internet access anywhere. Note, that is not true, they should be going to the internet café like me and save the hundreds of thousands of dollars to save lives. I am just keen to learn about worldwide access and they are the only one I know presently that would spend the money foolishly to see where the information curve is leading. The Military is up there also, however they are not here, I should have tap into this when I was Iraq, note to self, self learn this or go into the Military and find out what or how cutting edge works.