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Your Problem is Not High Priority

2005-08-23 05:58:00

Everyone that has ever read my blog would say I am a rip roaring support the USA person.

"Your problem is not a high priority."
Said to me today at the USA Embassy.

This is also saying the Niger Famine is not a high priority.

I am wanting to go and see what the situation is, good or bad, and just explain in simple words, I have one reader that even offered to help pay the cost, not a little cost for me, it will be 900 dollars U.S. just for the ticket from Cairo to Niamey Niger.

I have told him I want to go and take photos and explain to my readers the situation, it is to help the people of Niger and to help people of the world to understand.

Started at 9 today.
Sat in the USA Citizens Services Area waiting for Chrisopher Rich to call the Niger Embassy and say the USA has a policy against writing letters for Citizens.

He cannot call or reach the Embassy, he says he has been trying all day.

I need a fax saying the USA has a citizen who wants a Visa faxed to the Niger Embassy in Cairo.

10:20 I leave for the Niger Embassy to ask the Niger guy to call Chris.

He does not call Chris, finally says if I get a letter from my company asking for me to enter, then I can get a Visa.

I get this done, present and then the Niger Embassy and they still say either the Cairo USA Embassy needs to fax or the Niamey USA Embassy needs to fax a letter.

I take a taxi back to the USA embassy, in about 100 Degree temperature and about 45 minutes in a taxi each way and the bottom line the USA Embassy and the Niger Embassy cannot speak on the telephone or will not.

Chris is not there, then I say, I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE, and they see I am angry and get all excited, then Chris is suddenly there.

He want to throw me out, I say,
"I am trying to do a good thing, go and help or explain to people about the famine."

He finally calms down when I say my blog is one of the top 5 travel blogs, and on the Guardian Newspaper Blog Watch.

Starts to say he will help, I explain to him that I am a very good citizen, and it is embarrassing to say the person in the Embassy was not able to call the Niger Embassy.

I then say, maybe the USA embassy in Niger would fax the paper if you called or wrote them. I know that for me to write and Embassy of the USA is like pulling teeth, however I am sitting in Cairo and the sign did say American Citizens Services.

Niger seems ready go give me a Visa, I think if a Fax came into them on anything they would give me the Visa.

I am separating from the small boys and becoming one of the bigger boys, this means I am getting closer to becoming CNN and less of just being nothing. It is easy to see how CNN or BBC can report anything however when a normal person just want help we are put on the far back shelf... or... as he said,

"Your problem is not high priority."

It is now 3:25 in Cairo, I am hot and tired, the bottom line is the USA says they have a policy of not sending letters or faxes to other Embassies.

He says he will call the Niger embassy, however says he is no able to reach them.

Niger Embassy
+202 3865607/17
Mobile: 01275721460
Fax: +202 3865690

USA Embassy in Cairo
(02) 797 2301
Fax: (02) 797 2472

I have already wrote Chris on the Email on his card, he is suppose to call me with the contact information for Niamey, Niger Embassy of the USA.

All this is quite difficult, I suppose in the Hilton I could make phone calls easily, however I keep thinking the sign says,
"American Citizen Services."

I am an American Citizen.
More so than anyone else I seen in the Embassy... A small guy at the front counter whisped to me...
"Are you really an American Citizen."
I think he was happy to meet one.

I need some service.
The problem is also compounded because they are only open in the mornings.
Who knows, I am frustrated, all they want is a Fax from the USA embassy and they cannot even call to say they cannot fax or write. Something is fishy, I think it is on the American side and not the Niger side.

I keep remembering,
"Your problem is not high priority."