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World Wide Satellite Internet Access

2005-08-13 03:59:00

World Wide Satellite Internet Access

A reader by the name of James wrote to me on my desires for satellite or needing worldwide internet access.

One way to get cheap internet access might be to get a GSM mobile telephone that provides for free incoming calls. Then use a US-based callback service that you trigger by calling and hanging-up and the computer calls you back with a US dial-tone. Then connect to a US-based internet service provider. Would be slow, though.

I new have to break this down to the research jobs, funny part about many great concepts is the idea can flow quickly; finding all specific parts to this puzzle can be extremely difficult.

Research Jobs:

1. GSM Mobile Telephone.
What is a GSM? On the other hand, is this a typing error, did he mean GPS, which means Global Positioning Satellite; I think it means Global Satellite M… I am missing the M.

1A: How much does this cost?

1B: What are the names of a maybe five companies that provide this service?

1C: How can I pay them monthly if that is the contract, or can I pay them one year payment, as I am a traveler, monthly payments by check are not easy, if they are the exact amount then they can be easy by my USA bank, however for a fluctuating amount this become difficult to send accurately and on time, the bank wants 10 days to deliver a check.

“Then use a US-based callback service that you trigger by calling and hanging-up and the computer calls you back with a US dial-tone.”

2A: What is the name of some USA callback services that would do this, I am not sure how this would work, maybe in other countries this would work better, and callback is more of a Europe type function.

2B: Do I make this call with the same telephone? This is frustrating, if I had and internet connection now as I am typing, I could go and discover what the term GSM means and follow forward on this learning. This is the problem, I want to learn, however I am constantly blocked by not having the same internet access as many other persons that stay stationary in one country.

Slow… hehehe
The world complains about slow, I would just like to have a connection. Companies have consistently annoyed me for years that say they provided worldwide internet connections. This is such a lie in so many ways, yes if you have a landline, yes if you have a person or business that will let you make long distance call on their landlines; essentially this is for only those who live in the Hiltons, and for everyone else impossible.

Note, I have gone into the Hilton call or office centers in Beijing, China, and I went into the Business Center in the Sheraton in Baghdad, Iraq, these are great options in some ways, however wherever there is a Hilton or Sheraton there are normally internet cafes and telephone near at one-tenth the price.

These are all the pain in the butt questions I need answered just to proceed, this is contingent upon me having internet access to answer these questions, and will take approximately in my estimations to answer these questions as the type of world traveler I am about two months, plus I will have to stay extremely organized. I only have an actual connection with my computer about 3 days in a month.

Being a Hobo is difficult for the internet access, however it is getting easier and more difficult all the time, the biggest problem now is everyone assumes you have a 24-hour connection and a cell phone in your hand. I have neither and this makes my life different, the failure for people to be able to empathize with this situation means they say things to me or email me all the time.

“Give me a call.”

Or as in this very well intended idea, I am at best two-months away from the answers.

This is the Hobo answers of my page, this is the goal in so many ways, I am happy and sad, and probably jealous that the Wiki system is working so well. I have had completely interactive pages where a person can post answers on the bottom for the last 5 years of my page, however I post many, many question and I have not created a community of people whereby people answer the questions.

I am going to instigate the Wiki system and sort of move away or compile my system with their system so we can have a traveler system whereby I could post this question on a page and by the time 24 hours of world time has past a person could have the answers in an ORGANIZED manner. I am sure that many forums have the answers strewn around inside their forum.