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Wiki Techies

2005-08-08 10:58:00

Wiki Techies
Photos of techies or persons from or conference in Frankfurt, Germany

This is Magnus from Germany on the left and Carmac from Ireland on the right.

Magnus is and incredibly insightful tech, that as best I understand helped create the initial Wiki Open Source Software or Site. Carmac is doing a study of the social interaction of the people inside the Wiki Community

Notice the Apple computer, this to me is rare, for years I have know that the graphics person liked the Apple computer, this however is a programmer or developer of software, he has an Apple Computer and this model is very common I understand at the conference.

I think this is Jens Kammann, it could be Arnulf Christi, however whoever this is one of them small planet genius, he has on the overhead screen the compilation of maybe 10 different maps with their GPS and Geo-coded locations. What is a wonder is his ability to keep the interrelationships of all these maps clear in his mind and then explain from memory. A very smart person can learn or understand a difficult or complex concept, a genius can keep is all in order.

I do know he is part of this web page:

Thanks great presentation.