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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars

Wiki Community

2005-08-04 13:15:00

Some photos of the first night of staying in the Hostel with the group, or the convention here in Frankfurt Germany.

I have discovered I a may be the only innocent bystander here so far, one of the few persons that is not involved in the Wiki projects. Everyone is talking about subject I am not familiar with and saying comments that make me realized how little I know about

This a group of 24 hour a day internet people, possibly addicts.

The media or news is covering this and is my hobby, I like to take photos of media trying to not act like they are there.

I think he is important.

The courtyard where everyone sits around talking about Wiki, they all have their own nicknames and post or edit the site.

Camera Crew

Interview in process of someone important to the group I would guess.

The dinner is free the first night, then breakfast and maybe lunch for the next few days, it last four days, and then I fly to Israel on the 8th.