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When does the Sunset in Cairo Egypt

2005-08-27 01:21:00

I am having fun, I found a great link by that allows me to pay a person for an answer, I am really hoping this works.

I am going to the Pyramids today, I want to go at about one hour before sunset, or arrive about one hour before the Sunset so I can try to photograph a nice photo of the Pyramids and Sphinx and such with the colors of the sun... hehehe

I waited around yesterday to find this out, and forgot, I have no idea how to discover this on today's date in Cairo, Egypt, unless I really want to get annoyed asking people, better to just wait and extra hour then walk around asking this question. However I would also like some links for the site.

Maybe I can get some miners of links.

When does the Sunset today in Cairo?
If I do not find out, then I can always spend two to three, four hours waiting, not my idea of fun.

Got an answer:
You must click on Almanac.

Click on Almanac, then search for the city you wish to learn when the sun sets, not it a weather type site.