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Wailing Wall Photos Jerusalem

2005-08-16 08:28:00

Here are many photos of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall or maybe called the Western Wall is a Jewish Religious place, this link by those Wiki's probably tells it better.

Serious and solemn, and they got to be hot with all them clothes on.

Both the dressed for the religion garb and not dressed however the same religion.

Wailing Wall

Only men are permitted, my friend Anna had to stay out, then I had to put on this little cardboard hat to cover my head.

The Wailing Wall or the Western Wall in Jerusalem Israel or maybe Palestine.

I was captivated by the water fountain, only in the most modern of worlds or countries will there be a free water fountain, a real mix of extreme advanced society with the very present tribal mentality of Jerusalem.

View of city, looks like La Paz, Bolivia, however white concrete and not red clay roofs.

City or Photos of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the city where they crucified Christ on the Cross as best I understand, I am really more interested in finding where the "Sermon on the Mount" is located, maybe Mount Tabor, however this is of little attention however I believe the "New Testament" was spoke or given there.

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Not sure what, but nice to see.

Markets are everywhere on the inside of the fort, this is really a walled city and like a protected Castle or fortress.

They play backgammon, cards, and dominoes in the sidewalks.

Hmm... I thought we threw you out already?...

This is a hole for shooting bows and arrows or guns from at one of the gates to Old Jerusalem.