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Vacation Day in Cairo

2005-08-24 00:40:00

Vacation Day in Cairo
I am taking the day off from the chase in Taxis across the hot city of Cairo, Egypt for Visas and Airplane tickets to Niger or Nigeria or somehow chasing the famine problem.

I need some clear perspectives, I need to find a clear path in my mind.
Plus I have hundreds of emails to return or answer.

Richard Lugar Office Wrote
I received an email from Richard Lugars office, and now I need to fill in the blanks, questions, and reply today.

On a lighter subject, I have been thinking about

I am wondering if I can merge in the blog so I can utilize the wonders of Wiki?

Here is a test, I can see it in preview, now I will send and see what happens, forgive me however the kid side like to play with new toys on the internet.

It is not working, I wanted to put an Iframe into the page.