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Two Days off in Cairo on Visa to Niger Project

2005-08-25 05:41:00

Ok, the American Embassy conveyed to the Niger Embassy that I existed.
I will leave it at that...

Niger has a more or less what they requested, and now I have two days off because the Secretaire was not in the office and will be gone until Sunday.

Friday is an Islamic Day and I am not sure what Saturday is, more or less the end of the weekend here, Sunday is the first day of the week. I now have an application for a Visa, that I can complete and hope that Niger grants me a Visa.

I can walk into an internet cafe and type these post easily, it is amazing how long it takes to just move forward some days on some projects.

I am quite sure though for 20 Egyptian Pounds or about 5 Dollars U.S. I can take a Taxi to the Pyramids tomorrow and take some photos, still need to read a guidebook so I can have an understanding of what I am seeing or should maybe see. Actually I shall read in depth the Encyclopedia Encarta in my computer.

I was hoping or thought they was going to give me CD or DVD's of the encyclopedia however I do not have one so Encarta is still number one for me, I do get on the internet daily to surf, I would guess I spend 10 minutes per day just searching or browsing around, I am not really knowledgeable of what is available on the internet.

However fortunately I have lots of advisors that help out there in the blogosphere.

For some reason there is no spell checker button in today on this Windows XP computer, so no spell checker.