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Tuttlingen to Frankfurt by Train

2005-08-03 22:15:00

Tuttlingen to Frankfurt by Train

Today I travel from Tuttlingen to Frankfurt by train, I will leave around 8:00 AM and arrive in Frankfurt around 12:00, it is really not very far, however the cost is 60 Euros, or about 70 Dollars U.S. This is a great amount of money to me; I have trouble spending this amount of money for transportation when in 80 percent of the planet it would cost me 6 Euros, hard to feel I am getting any value for my money. Now with the plane I can fly to England or go a long distance for this amount of money. I am learning to understand why people like the trains; they are quiet, comfortable and painless. I do not see as much or the culture as I do in a bus, however they are the most comfortable way of traveling I know of, and I can read on the train because I do not get motion sickness as I do on the bus. However, I still want a van or motor home desperately to travel in Europe.

Germany is a good feeling for me; it does feel like home many times, the only strange part is the beggars, people from Turkey and the number of drunks in the park. If they did not have these people, stop talking German and gave up the sausage, I would be home. I suppose the homes are different, however all I feel is the cultures of the world, I feel as though I am now able to ignore most distractions like buildings, road, dirt etc.

Sabine and I went to a German Birthday party last night last night for her sister’s boyfriend; he was turning about 37 years old. I was impressed at the manners; all the persons that entered shook my hand, told me their names, and made me feel a part of the group. This is unusual on the planet, I do not think this is a rich group, this is a normal run of the mill level of people, and in fact, most of them ride motorcycles like many of my friends in my home town of Orland. The remind me of my friend Scott and Sheldon, Brad etc.

The were drinking beer, making joke, teasing each other and laughing, all were married or had a mate so more or less all were adults and responsible people. All were having fun and feeding me sausages.

Sausage, Hot Dogs wrapped in Bacon, some type of Pork Steak I think, Sour Kraut, Lettuce and I think she called it Grilled Pita Cheese, a big loaf of French bread and we had a cook out. They have mustard that is sold in a tube that looks the same as a toothpaste tube. I enjoyed listening to them speak in German, the intonation, the happiness, the friends who know each other and know how to make fun and enjoy life as good friends.

The longhair Rock Singer, type Motorcycle person who had a birthday was fun, he teased the more money-orientated man all the night and they were friends. They all were laughing about my pictures of Seitingen from a year ago and said every time they travel to Seitingen they now see it different, it somehow is more beautiful.

Seitingen is where my friend lives and is for sure the place a place I wish the whole world could live, I am so very lucky to live in a place on the other side of the planet that is a brother to this city. Peace and ease of life is everywhere in Seitengen, they live in comfort.