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Trying to get Visa to Niger in Cairo

2005-08-23 02:52:00

I am down the street from the Niger Embassy, this day has been wait and do nothing, I arrived at the American Embassy at 9:00, then proceeded to do nothing and no results until I finally left at 10:20 to go to the Niger Embassy.

Mr. Rich at the Embassy said he tried to call the Niger Embassy with the telephone number he had and it just rang and nobody answered.

I decided to take a taxi to the Niger Embassy and have or ask him to call Mr. Rich.

I have just left the Embassy of Niger, however he did not call Mr. Rich, he did... the (Premier Secrataire) called the Niger Ambassador and he said I should go back to the USA and apply.

I said there must be a way, I want to go and take photos of the Famine and hopefully help.

He said I need a letter from the company, so I now in the internet cafe down the street trying to get a letter printed from myself to the Embassy of Niger.

This is really silly, however what is the use in fighting, I give them the papers they need and I will hopefully get a Visa. This type of confusion is normal for Embassies and I am sad to say the USA embassy had done nothing, he does not seem to be able to call the Niger Embassy or does not know the way to call the Embassy of Niger.

Now I am dealing with an Egyptian Printer system that does not like the USA files I have on my thumbdrive memory so I had to make the letterhead again, just jumping through hoops.

The guy in the Embassy of Niger is nice, however who knows what they want, I will persist until I walk out with a Visa, this is the secret to getting a Visa sometimes, be nice, friendly, shake hands, and never stop or quit.