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Telephone Call Cairo to USA -One Dollar Per Minute

2005-08-23 11:22:00

It cost 5 Egyptian Pounds per minute in a call center I have not located, however the boys in the internet Cafe are telling me about.

They are converting for about 5.75 to one dollars here, however this says more, however for sure exchange rates are never predictable.

I passed a pay phone on the street, all the letter are Arabic, this language looks like worms on a table and the pay phone is maybe an option, however the learning curve on a telephone call to the USA can be two days.

I will try to find the call center, I think they are saying I can make a call from the Internet Cafe however I am thinking they mean an over-the-internet call and not a normal line. The noise level of Cairo is very high, even in the Internet Cafe, between the calls to prayers, the music, and the loud boys, honking of horns hard to find silence enough to talk on a telephone.

Cairo is probably on line with Mumbai or Bombay, India, however a little more than Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

Contrary to any misconceptions only the rich speak good English and they are not working in the Internet Cafe or driving the Taxis. Today I had problem because many of the Taxi Drivers cannot read Arabic writing, and have to stop and have people translate, however they then cannot remember the address.

I just checked to call Mark Souders and Richard Lugar I have 8 possible number and for sure I will get a touch tone mess, or some person that ask too many questions and does not understand and recommends a new number. I have to find a way for them to call me back, I have discovered when people use the internet in the Hotel the main line is busy, so nobody can call.

I am in the Ismailia House Hotel in Cairo, I will try to see if I can find another way for them to return a call, I am getting the very annoying feeling I must buy a cell phone to travel around the planet, it is becoming impossible, everyone even in Cairo has one in their ear. The use of normal phones is almost gone.

Ismailie House.. aaagh, none of these sites give a number. is very good, however I do not see it.

I will think about this, and try to find solutions, for sure I am going to the Nigeria Embassy tomorrow to see about a Visa, maybe I can bypass this problem, however I will still need to get a Visa to Niger in Nigeria.