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Tel Aviv Beach City

2005-08-11 11:10:00

Tel Aviv Beach City

I am sitting on what may be the center of the Backpacker Universe for Tel Aviv, Israel.

This is wonderful, I am sitting or staying, or living about 100 meters from the center of the Tel Aviv, Israel beach, I can just wander out the door and go straight to the beach and see the beautiful Middle East variety of women on the beach, this sort of Arab, mixed with Eastern Europe, Russia and Morocco or many mixes of blood lines as a potpourri of looks mixed up that forms the Country State of Israel.

Probably one of the most exotic mix or races on the planet, a real melting pot of funky looks, however beautiful in a round nose, quick eyes, round sort of way. I would say the Israeli people are prone to being fat, same as the USA, England or Germany, so there is this prior to fat look, you know just on the edge where there is fleshy look, soft and round, however not fat, a great bikini look.

I am not sure of anything in Israel and anyone that says they understand the Middle East or the Israel - Palestine situation is definitely on my suspect list of person that probably do not understand anything about Middle East Politics. This is one of them place where the levels of culture is not peeled off like an onion where you people off one level then proceed to see the next level of culture, then you peal off the next and see the next underlying culture

In Israel you will probably need to peal off there varieties of onions at the same time, maybe the “Eastern Europe Onion”, then for sure the “Russian Onion,” then off course the “Yemen - Middle East Onion”, then of course there is also the “Morocco Onion,” not to forget the USA-Miami-New York-Los Angeles Onion” culture that is pealed to form this place.

Oh yea, there also the German (Albert Einstein), Holocaust beat up by World War II, intellectual, beat up and persecuted for being too smart Onion culture.

I give up; I could to on forever listing the type of culture mixed in this pot of cultures. The USA is the same however the melting pot has been on the burners for about 225 years while Israel has only been using the crock pot or steamers to met this together for about 50 plus, plus they are still actively promoting the immigration or is it emigration of Jewish people to Israel, so they are adding more and more ingredients to the melting pot weekly and yearly.

The USA is only melting in Mexicans and stragglers like the India people, not mass migration into the USA is really happening except for the Latinos and they are somewhat refusing to melt into the culture, being real resistant to being melted or becoming an USA American. Not that they have a clue what they are doing in the USA.

Culture is a wonderful voyeur experience and great way to make people angry. I love to see different culture and sometime provoke them into a little introspection.

I sometime have asked my mother why she cooks “Potato Soup,” she has no idea why, because her mother did, and her grandmother did, and on and on, so is just a family thing, however to me this is one of them little clues to the possible cultural history of my family. Being that my family has no clue where we came from or at least we are not capable of saying a specific country. I am positive that my bloodline has at least 10 different European countries pushed into my blood. I am a true American, the pride and glory of the country and unfortunately represent the most hated person on the planet, the all American Kid with blue eyes, blond hair, Six foot tall, playing basketball, college, sisters that were cheerleaders and Homecoming queens. The semi-rulers of the planet… hehehe

What a fun way to annoy the world.

Never tell the truth, it is the most hated noise you can hear.

I am not part of the ruling class, there is no ruling class on the planet, however for sure most of the world or about 85 percent of the world outside the USA think about class system all the time, trying to define or hate the ruling class. The Americans are soft target, because nobody internalizes this upper class, ruling class concept well, so we do not accept our position of nobility with any sort of nobility, we do not understand the peasants, we think we are peasant.

What a mess for the USA person when they go out into the planet, I am grateful to have pealed off a couple layers of my culture of understandings.

I am getting tired of typing, the heat is high here and my friend “The Dude” has succeeded in creating a home with zero cross flow ventilation, actual stagnant air in a place where a little breeze is needed. I put a fan in the window blowing the hot air out, thus sucking the cook air in from the other rooms of the home and this concept went over the heads. Oh well I am a big transom window, heat rises, natural cooling of home person and the MTV generation is only air-conditioned they have lost the physics of home building in the colonial times. The must either revert to the hut life hot and sticky world or go for the air-conditioned planet. No logic or thought involved in homes.

I always wanted to build the perfect home, taking into consideration the ways of the wind, where the sun is setting all the aspects of the planet and then orientate the home so I could enjoy.

For example if you had your home facing the West on the coast of Tel Aviv or the Mediterranean Sea you could sit on your front porch and watch the sun go down on the Sea every night. Note I am not in that home; I am in one of them concrete flats with a steel gate and bars on the window, looking out the window at a wall across the divide. I must leave the place to enter beach life, when not on the beach life part of Tel Aviv I return to a sort of concrete jungle, not so wealthy, great place to stay free “Flat.”

I have discovered I can get a dorm room for about 10 dollars and a private room for 20 dollars a night; I did have to look at five Hostels to find one that was good. This is sort of high season and Israeli people are by nature not willing to answer questions about the price of rooms and service easily, you need to prod them to be nice, then they do good. Unlike most of the German - Euro cultures that have trouble being prodded into being nice, just plain bad spirited, hard to find the love in the core. Israeli people are players, they love to nag, complain, push in a shove in a “Sinefeld” sort of way, if you do not know, and the show “Sinefeld” is just one big play on the Jewish-Israeli-New York culture that controls most of the media of the USA…. Hehehe “The Fourth Estate.”

I am thinking a lot about the Wiki model, it would be possible to take all of my ranting and ravings, with many illusions, inside jokes, and references to other things that are too long and difficult to explain and have a person make it into a link so a person could follow or learn about what does…
“The Fourth Estate” mean?

Oh, well, I am going to India soon to find I hope two more too smart techies from India that I can take from a life of just enough money to a life of too much money.

“The Dude,” just walks in, and tells me about the world, I must go, bye.