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Starting to Leave Gaza Today

2005-08-16 00:06:00

Starting to Leave Gaza Today
August 15

This is an interesting proposition and I have no clue what to think, I am under the newer impression in my mind that there is no solution between the Israeli people and the Arab world, they will continue to kill each other for as long as their religions last, this mean the only way it will end is when the Islamic, Jewish, and probably the Christians stop worshipping.

Strange as this sounds this is happening very fast and very few people here in Tel Aviv seem to worship any Gods, this is not a Holy place and there are not many people around here adhering to any Jewish doctrine, this is more of a listen to what I am saying I am doing and not what I am doing in reality. I suppose more of the practicing atheist way of thinking.

This is the same for the entire world, the people in the USA think first of money then of their religions, then Europe has no God, except in maybe Eastern Europe.

This sound serious and gloomy however not really as nobody in my opinion is his brother’s keeper, they are just supposed to be good examples and hope that follows. Hehehe

MTV RULES the planet, religion is being replaced by the boob tube; we have children with no brains.