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Sleeping in the Frankfurt Airport

2005-08-06 20:20:00

I am still at the conference, however I am now planning my escape from the Peter Pan World or Never Never Land where the boys never grow up and only play with bigger toys. Same - Same as me...

OK, I am annoyed, I think the essence of a good traveler may very well be the ability to make long list of possible problems, a.k.a. (Also Known As)

Ok, I am now presently trying to learn or planning my travel to the Frankfurt Airport and need to arrive there at about 5:00 AM on the morning of the 8th, so I can fly to Israel.

Therefore I need to leave the Hostel at around 4:00 AM.

This is not going to be easy, I am in German land, too clever and too few answers, the place where you better know the answer to your question before you ask.

OK, so what to do, I know my answer, I just wish there was another. I just did a search trying to find out when the train runs, my complaint is,
"Why does the site not make it obvious when the trains run?"
"Why doesn't the Hostel have information about how to get to the Airport on the wall?
"Why not have a big transportation wall in the Hostel?"

My solution is this, I will go to the Airport tomorrow night around 7:00 PM with all of my bags and sleep in the airport. This sounds rough, however if you could hear the guy above me in total geek methodology snoring, grunting, and making all sorts of disgusting noises you would understand. (Same as Amsterdam)

The Airport is a better place to sleep than most Hostels.

I will sleep, set my alarm, and be ready to leave, short one shower, if I remember right, (I have slept in the Frankfurt Airport before.) there is free not-so-good, however free internet access computer area in the common area before the no-mans-land area of the Airport.

Sometimes the internet is like a lollipop to me, I need a fix or pacifier now and then.

I am anxious to go to Israel, I am not sure why, however probably has something to do with my raging hormones when I am within 50 meters (Yards for USA people) of an Israeli girl.