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Searched by Israel Paranoia

2005-08-19 02:42:00

I was laughing, the two very serious photographers returned to the Hostel, I overheard them talking in the toilet about having a computer in Israel and ... I am not sure, as I left, however...

I think this Paranoia is weird, are they up to something or doing something?

My friend Anna was using her batteries or trying to make sure the batteries in her camera were completely dead so the border police could not look at the photos, I am lucky because if there was problem the photos would already be on the internet and they cannot delete.

However this sort of Paranoia is interesting, the guilty do feel guilty however what are these people up to and why are they trying to interfere in the country of Israel. I for sure think Israel should be Paranoid, I do think they are surround by 200 million people who want them exterminated and I do not think Europe would stop these Arab countries.

So I understand searching me and all that, however why do people want to help overthrow a country or why do they want to do things like support a monster that blows himself up in a crowd of innocent people. I can understand and appreciate them wanting Palestine to have their own country, I believe the I-Hate-My-Father persons are taking this obsessions too far and going after any authority.

Well, for sure there are people in this Hostel that Israel should keep their eye on, and for sure I am in a Hostel that Israel will or should keep their eyes on, so because I am in this Hostel I am guilty by association.

However for sure I am sure that people are going to search my bags... I hope they do, I do not want some bombs going onto the plane, so I hope they search all the bags extremely well and suss out the problem.

I am not paranoid, I consider it interesting and hope a girl searches me, making it more interesting.

I really think the world is a little too serious, I am thinking Palestine is one of the more modern areas on the planet, however I still need to go nose around in the areas after I return from Cairo and/ or hopefully Niger.

I suppose these are professional photographers, however they are too involved and too intense for me to be bothered, I do wish I had one of them 1500 Cameras they have, I guess they use Nikons, I have been looking at the Canon.

The advantage is speed of taking photos and the extreme zoom lens, the disadvantage is for sure when you pull out a huge camera the world knows you are taking a photo, when I took this they just ignored me as a non-consequential and tourist... go figure.