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Reuters Journalist Killed in Baghdad

2005-08-29 08:52:00

This is always an interesting perspective, journalist in Baghdad.

I am pretty sure most of the Western World reporters are too afraid to go to Baghdad, I was in the Palestine and the Sheraton in Baghdad and you only see about 2 percent people that look like they came from the USA, Europe, the other 98 percent look like they just arrived from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, or some other Middle East country.

So when a report "Working for Reuters," is shot in Baghdad, read with a grain of salt, this is not the same reporter as next door, it is someone that looks like anyone else in Baghdad.

I can tell you, I do not recommend you point anything at an American Soldier or maybe you will be dead and they will be apologizing. There is a problem with reporters, I also think new organizations are more than willing to send some foolish people that do not understand the reality of war into do their dirty work, and the news report is even more controversial and sells better.

It is a shame when anyone gets killed in the world, however the ever present and obvious awareness when I was in Iraq, was...

STAY AWAY FROM SOLDIERS, they are dangerous, the normal person goes and hides when something like this happens.

I got slapped by a taxi driver when I pointed a camera at a place where soldiers lived, not even looking at Soldiers.