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Pyramids of Egypt Photos

2005-08-30 07:43:00

Photos of the Pyramids of Egypt

Ok, Mom and Dad gave me the word, go take photos of the Pyramids, we are waiting...

Maybe there is a window that allows us to look back in time.

The Sphinx

There is a gate or fence that keeps a person from the best photo locations of the Sphinx and I got in trouble once for climbing.

This is Charlie Brown the Camel, for 20 pounds you must take a ride I have decided or fight with the driver all day, I gave up finally, this is about 5 dollars U.S., and my Camel Driver was nice.

I asked, will it bite, I was trying to get close enough.

My camel driver.

Camels, Donkeys, and Carts are available.

I think this is about twice as tall as Tikal in Guatemala, however the Mayans would also build on the top of a mountain, for sure this is wonder of the world.

This is the size of the stones.

Camel Caravan, actually it the drivers taking many Camels back to the barns.

Very large stones, this is directly in front of the Sphinx.

This is fight, a very big argument, my driver says this is over money or how both the Pyramid Guard and the Boys are wanting money. For sure you may as well pay for a tour, or ride a Camel or you life will be very difficult.

This is a great place, amazing.