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Photos in Cairo Egypt

2005-08-25 02:06:00

Photos in Cairo Egypt

A photo taken from the taxi as we were searching for the Niger Embassy.

An interesting photo depicting naked Egyptian in a country full of women that are covered from foot to head with sheet like materials, and public displays of womanhood is discouraged.

The music videos may in Egypt are the same as most Western Videos, I suppose they are not as bad as the hip hop, or rapper type videos however for sure they have some alluring interpretations of women.

This is the propane connection or some form of gas for this taxi.

I was trying to take a photo inside the Shell Station however, the group of people saying “Well Come” would not allow me to photo, I asked the taxi to open the hood while he went trying to buy cigarettes, he also had to stop so he could lean up again a wall and urinate, what an experience to remember.

On the way into the internet, café where I am publishing this blog post is a rug or place where people do their prayers when called.