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One Vote for Land Rover

2005-08-25 09:23:00

I am trying to make a decision on what type of vehicle to buy if I was to drive around Africa, there is presently this well balance and happy couple in the Hotel, they say for vote for

Land Rover

Personally I did not know that was a brand, I thought they was talking about the Toyota. I have seen many Volkswagen Buses here used as public tranportation, I am leaning toward the traditional Volkswagen two-wheel drive gas bus, however this couple I guess have diesel.

The lady did say it is possible to travel Africa in a two-wheel drive.

Here is the site of the couple, for sure they know some highways and road, he is from South Africa and she is Australian.

The name is Dutch and there were many Dutch or from the Netherlands, (Holland) settlers in South Africa as my history lessons thanks to Wilbur Smith the writer has taught me.

She recommended this site about driving in Africa.