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2005-08-28 00:58:00

I went to the Giza Pyramids yesterday, left at 5:30 and when I arrived they told me they were closed. I asked many people when they closed and everyone said around 8:00, now I could still be wrong, however I could not enter.

I did me the boy or man that gives Egypt a bad reputation.

The reputation of Egypt is that the people are very rude and pushy, I have not found it, however I stay away from big tourist areas. However upon entering this huge world tourist destination the Egyptian Pyramids I deluged with jerks.

The man actually jumped in the back of the taxi, and would not leave. I wanted to club him and he did everytype of Guilt Extortion possible, and even Macho,
"You are in my country, I am Egyptian."

He spoke good English and he was getting annoyed because I did not reply, just ignored, he even tried German. I could see that you only impression of Egypt could be very bad if you only spent one day or two in Cairo and went straight to the Pyramids where the Jerk Quotient or Ratio is at an all world high.

I would leave now if I thought the whole country was the same, however Egypt has a tourism problem.

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