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Niger Visa

2005-08-22 09:23:00

Niger Visa

The Niger Embassy told me that I could get a Visa to Niger if I got a letter from the American Embassy saying I am a tourist. I went to the American Embassy and they said they do not give such letters, some man who is helpful however very formal by the name of Christopher Rich tried to telephone or call the man in the Niger Embassy to say they will not give letters. The Niger Embassy was already closed for the day.

I pushed for about 45 minutes telling the American Embassy I am an American Citizen and I need help, they are sort of helping and this is silly as it was offered.

“You can go back to the USA and get the Visa.’
“You can forget going to Niger.”

I am amazed at how many times I hear No, luckily, I do not understand the word.

I will be at the Embassy tomorrow at 8:00 AM when it opens to try again and to waddle around speaking English fast, making sure they hear that made in the USA English born and raised, This makes Embassies of the USA workers nervous as they cannot speak English good enough and there is normally in Embassies only a couple of token Americans in the Embassy all the others are made in Egypt.

I heard some gossip today, they say you can get USA Citizenship if they will go and work in the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, sounds like a good deal for them, as they would look Arab and blend in, not like me.

In addition, the other gossip was there is an exception to the no-letter policy of the USA for people going to Saudi Arabia.

I hope we clear this up tomorrow, as I do not wish to say that the American Embassy is the reason I cannot get a Visa to Niger.

I can be annoying and tell everyone in the USA to call Mark Souders the Representative from Indiana who would have probably the most pull, this is the way you one-up or push an embassy, you call your Congressmen or State Politicians in your state.

It would be fun to be annoying, however we should hold off on being pushy until after tomorrow and I can see if I can muster some telephone calls from the USA to Mark to get some reverse push.


A Hobo in Cairo needs help!
What is a and what is he doing in Cairo, and why does he want to go to Niger?

I can tell you this; Niger is not on the short list of many tourists, just not a place visited by American Citizens.

Peanut Trivia
Israel and now also Egypt have the saltiest Peanuts I have ever eaten, the are like eating pure salt, hard to understand, almost better to get the unsalted kind and add your own salt. It takes a long time to eat these peanuts as I can only handle the salt for a few mouthfuls.