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Niger and Tel Aviv Girls

2005-08-13 08:35:00

I am trying to find a flight from:
Tel Aviv, Israel
Cairo, Egypt
Amman, Jordan

These are starting points for flights to Niger the country, however for sure the internet is weak on for finding information, hope I do not need to go to Amman or Cairo just to suss out the solution. As best I an learn I can enter and get the Visa upon entry, however the Airlines are not cooperating so far by giving prices online. The internet does really good for London, Frankfurt and Paris, wonder why they drop the ball on Niger, one reason is high on my Top Travel Sites list is because they do cover the planet, and searching for Niger they enter my realm of travels, this leaves most sites in the dust.

My mother does not want me to go down the Gaza Strip... hehehe, I think she knows me, already have been thinking about this, however sounds kind of boring to me, so who knows.