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McDonalds McMuffin Quality Check

2005-08-08 11:32:00

McDonalds McMuffin Quality Check
l occasionally need to walk into a McDonalds for a quality control check of various foods on their menu. This photo was taken as I checked the Egg McMuffin in the Frankfurt, Germany Airport.

I am sad to say that this is less than what I normally in the past ate at McDonalds in the USA. This sandwich has a piece of bacon on it, and although the remainder is the same, the normal Egg McMuffin in the USA has Canadian bacon. This is a definite less than what I was wanting, the Canadian bacon is the difference that makes this sandwich world class.

The photo is with my new Olympus Camera; so far, the quality of the photos is less than my Sony of same price range. (200 Dollars.) The flash is too bright and that red eye thing is not adjusting the photos. I am having many bright spots on photos and this is annoying. I normally allow cameras to adjust themselves, this one may need me to do more than put on Auto and take photos. I am going to read the manual today, I am carrying it in my pocket, I need to do this because I am not happy with the way the camera is taking photos, although good, I have become accustom to a method of taking photos and like the method. There is a little round dial that is for me to choose, movies, still photos and such, this round dial turns too easy and when I take the camera out of my pocket, I must check it constantly or it can change the setting by just being in my cargo pocket of my pants. I have taken a couple of small movies by accident, overall the camera is good and if the retracting zoom makes it longer than two months that will be better than the Sony, however the delicacy of this function seems ordained to break, a guaranteed built in problem. My Sony Cyber shot or waterproof camera is one of the best I have encountered. I dropped it on the concrete 10 times before it broke the flash and it is still working, just the flash is dead. The camera manufacturers would gain my attention and respect if they made cameras for people, and not to break. They are capable in my opinion of making a camera that will not break easily. The good Sony was discontinued very fast, looks like it was too durable for normal production to me.