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Mapping a Trip

2005-08-27 01:01:00

Mapping a Trip

I think the links below show software and maybe the handheld something to make a map for my website of my trip, I am not sure.

Here is a great frustration for me, and extremely difficult to research from an Internet Cafe here in Cairo at one dollar per hour on someone else's computer, on my own, I can download, bookmark, file and do all sorts of organized moves.

I would like a GPS, or a Global Positioning satellite CELL Phone that I could carry and then download the information and make a map of my trips.

The lady that is driving around Africa in a Land Rover with her husband that has a domain name that is impossible to spell or type told me a little about this, however this is maybe one of them projects you need before you start and a lot of time to figure out.

Her link is on this post.

Fear is a reason many people have all these toys, they are leaving and very afraid they will get lost or not be able to call for help.

Satellite Telephones are big sellers where there is no way to contact people easily, like on the Amazon River, there are travelers that pay thousands of dollars to have a telephone they will only use a couple times in their life. I think Magellan is the big Satellite telephone company.

What is happening is the price is slowly, and very soon getting down to a price I can afford or a price that is not annoying and stupid. Nothing I do is so important that I need to pay one dollar per minute, maybe call my Mother with a capital M on Christmas, also my Father, however I am picking on Mom today.

I see maybe 10 cents a minute as the price that would make sense, or maybe 20 cents U.S.

However what these people do not do is show me the best workable combinations that will work, of course they are not sure it will work in Cairo, only the USA or Germany is normal.

I need the Cell Phone, Computer, Software, GPS device, maybe bluetooth, adapters, batteries, chargers all working together, I need a package that works anywhere on the planet.

Then again, I can go to the beach and keep my life simple.

Some great links:
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Mapping a Trip