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Leaving for Cairo Egypt

2005-08-19 21:15:00

I will leave tomorrow for Cairo, Egypt and try to find a way to go to Niger, I may have to fly by plane to Nigeria or Burkina Faso or other places nobody ever talks about, however they exist on maps. This country is surrounded by countries or has borders with many countries, this reminds me of Germany as it has many countries on its borders.

The Visa to Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Beni, Mali etc are the problems, the plane flights are not clear and I have found the best way to leave for Niger would be to fly to France, it is annoying how travel websites prioritize only on the major countries of Europe or popular with tourist, I do weigh the value of a website heavily on how they cover the whole world not just the popular. It is very easy to collect information on France or Germany, however difficult to find the answers for Niger.

There is a theory, however hard to explain, however it is the idea that the closer I am to a country the more information I am able to receive, the easier it is to find Visa information, the easier to understand, because the information stops being traveler gossip and turns into actual travel experiences told to me in conversations in the Hotel. It would be very difficult to travel if I lived in Five-Star Hotels as the travel conversations would be almost worthless, I need the ability to learn from travelers, the noise they make, the ideas they impart, however when they are far away from a country they will also tell myths, lies, and preconceptions, however when I get closer to the country the real information starts to be revealed.

I am using Cairo as the base to go to Niger, I am also though going to Cairo, Egypt.

I will be in Cairo on Sunday Night.