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Last Night in Tel Aviv

2005-08-15 00:04:00

Last Night in Tel Aviv
August 14

I walked into a Hostel, booked a bed, paid the extra shekels to have air-conditioning and made my bed trying to decide if I was ready to take my afternoon nap in a wonderful air-conditioned room. The room was vacant and soon people started to enter, however soon the air-conditioners stopped, most were patient however one guy from Los Angeles and the other half Israeli, so this combination made for a lot of noise and cussing.

However, a girl Anna from Iceland came in with rosy red sunburn cheeks and smiling big with blond hair and blue eyes. A very sticky room as the room became warmers and warmer and the people like me who paid for the Air and were hot. Nobody could accept that they were working on the air-conditioning and it did not work. Ultimately we never had Air and I went out on the rooftop terrace and slept, came back in early and the morning and some girl was sprawled out on my bed in only her underwear, Anna was the same as everyone was so hot they had thrown their covers off during the night, most men so no cheap thrills only Anna and the unknown bed squatter on my bed.

The bugs were not a bother, however as the sun rose they started to gather around some potted plants and this caused me to decide to wake and walk around or come work on my computer. Funny part as the sun started to rise about 15 people arrived home from the bars or party and were sitting talking or stumbling around on the terrace talking and trying to figure out the end of the night or the start of the day. The man fixing or attempting to the fix the air conditioners kept trying to apologize of explain, I did my best to try to make sure they understood words like Coolant, Compressor, Electrical Connections, Fan and many more as they probably did not study this in English class, not high on the needs of words to learn.

Time to go as my shirt is getting ripe and my shower is calling my body. Hope that Anna is still on the bed lying around sleeping; make life better with happy people.