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Jimmy Wales

2005-08-06 05:06:00

This is Jimmy Wales one of the founders of

I will try my best in the next newsletter to write a one-two paragraph explanation of what is or is not, and what the implications for the future. This is rated site number 58 in the rating, and is 35,000, so a big difference, a major player on the internet.

This is a German Language washer and dryer.

The great thing is the Washer cost 1.50 Euro and the Dryer is 1 Euro, this maybe 3:00 Dollars U.S. to wash my clothes. Contrary to most people I am concentrating on making sure my clothes are washed, I am on my third and last load of clothes. I am good to go, and the world is a less smelly place.

Nothing make me more aware of my humanity than washing my clothes, and when I really want to know I am human, weak, and fragile, I do wash my clothes by hand in the sink. All the illustrious thoughts on the planet come down to I wake, I shower, I drink Coffee, Eat, Wash and muck about the planet, and somedays I make sense.