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Jerusalem to Cairo by Bus

2005-08-20 21:32:00

I am leaving in a couple of hours for Cairo, I will take a bus with some tour company called Mazada Tours, the lady was very smart, and very good, I finally asked and she said she was Palestine, everyone here always assumes you know.

I took the bus because I believe or hope it goes the whole distance with the same bus, normally a bus going through a border is easier than a lone person going across a border. The Israeli border with Egypt is suppose to be complicated, therefore the extra money may save me lots of time. I am really a person that does not want to figure out or understand every border, it is just a hassle of travel and not a real help. For an American to go from Israel to Egypt is a really a walk in the park and you get the Visa at the border.

However if it is true, and I do not think it is true, however if there is really a lot of border problems then I better to be on a bus, they normally will not delay a whole bus, however a border guard will hold up an independent traveler for hours.

I am also wanting to know about the borders, there is so much gossip in the Hostel about how the Israeli people hassle people, I do not think they have crossed many borders, therefore they are making decisions with any comparisons.

The world of travel is a comparison, some places compare different than others.

Anna wanted me to take a photo of the Bus stop the other day, I said,
"What do you want me to do, prove that the Palestine people are rich?"

They have this little bus stop behind the area and it has to be one of the most modern little bus stops I have seen in 8 years of travel.

All of South America, Mexico, and Central America and most of Asia seems much poorer than here and in a lot worst shape, they seem very prosperous here. I will return in a couple of weeks and visit more place to be sure. However there is the general feel about a country and this one feels like it is in good shape, on the anger scale it is bad, however on the money scale it is good.

Many time the problem is travelers and tourist tell them their lives are bad and they believe them. Like a bunch of rich tourist know what is bad?

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