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Jerusalem my Opinion

2005-08-16 08:31:00

The city of Jerusalem makes my survival instincts blair, this place is creepy and full of people that want to fight and argue. I personally believe that the good Gods on the planet create temptations where a person can have faith and keep the path, or they can stray. This place is full of temptations to be angry and fight, the path to salvation is narrow.

The good person chooses a road to happiness, tries to warn or witness that the path of obstructed, not to stop them, however to instruct, however temptation is sort of a good Gods way of allowing people to show their faith, or their true nature.

If you are of good report, then no problem, come on and visit, if you are searching then better to stay away, do not lead yourself into temptation or make the choice, there is always a choice.

Everyone here in the Hostel is self-absorbed, except for the young boy manager and the owner strangely, however the rest are very intent on being intent on something, I am personally ready to stop this and go for cup of coffee number 2.

Here is a sign in the toilet of my hostel on the wall, I am impressed though with the quality of the graffiti, however quite sad that someone is interested in the word Anarchy.

Definition of Anarchist:
1. Supporter of anarchism: somebody who rejects the need for a system of government in society and proposes its abolition

2. lawless person: somebody who tries to overthrow a society’s formal system of government or behaves in a generally lawless manner and encourages others to do the same (disapproving)

I consider the greatest of all sins to cause division among men.