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Jerusalem Hostel Photos

2005-08-15 04:57:00

I arrived with Anna to the Hostel in Jerusalem, it a hippie dippie save the world Hostel with all sorts of graffiti on the walls, with tea, hubble bubble, and I am finding out my Journalist. Got cheated by the taxi with the assistance of Anna coming here so that did not make my day, I do not like to be cheated. He was Arab and the Israeli Taxis have not go me yet, although they seem of the same make and model persons.

Jerusalem as my first impression is a place I want to leave, not a warm, friendly place, most everyone I have met is self-absorbed or looks like some type of religious zealot. I am not sure what I will do, I now have a better internet connection than I have had in all of Europe, plus it is free, so I should hang around a couple of days and do internet catch up, the cost is one-half of Tel Aviv which would mean the reason for the save the world hippie hang out mentality. The other place in Tel Aviv was the my parents are rich and and Jewish, sent me here to smoke joints and to play. I am sure they both are equal....

Ooop... Tel Aviv has a great beach.

View from Hostel

This is an Israeli version of a bagel, extra photo in the middle.

This is some German freelance writer that has a broken arm, is from Frankfurt, says he works for about 10 newspapers and one television, nice guy by the name of Oliver. He has been here for two months and for sure is not aware he is now being published because there was no need for the reciprocity of asking about me and I am sitting a this table ready to publish or post this... hehehe...

Here is Rachel photo an American killed while jumping or falling in front of a bulldozer ran by the Israelis, I am sure this will be the poster child of the Palestine movement for years to come.

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