Israel to Niger

I have this burr up my rear about the idea of going to Niger and seeing what is going on with the Famine.

I am not sure how to get a Visa, or what an American Citizen has to do to get a Visa, I am thinking a lot about this idea. I sent an email to some Visa Application company in Washington DC today in the hope of finding a company to help me, as best I can think about this, the best place to apply for Visas would be in Washington DC or maybe New York, so I am looking for a company in Washington.

Hard to dice and slice this issue as I have trouble making telephone calls and the time difference does not help.

FUNNY is that about one email per day comes with a person wanting me to help them get a Visa from some African country to somewhere, not that I can help them in anyway.

If Israel has an Embassy to Niger I will be in luck, however I sort of doubt it as there is this Islamic / Hebrew or Jewish problem going on, and most of Africa is Islamic... and Frenchie... hehehe

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