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I go to Niger Embassy Today

2005-08-28 00:49:00

I go to Niger Embassy Today

I will go to the Niger Embassy and try to get a Visa today, I am supposed to be at the office at 12:00 noon. I really hope this works, however I am not extremely hopeful, there are many ways to help a person and also at the same time sabotage the help.

I have a past history of dysfunctional behavior and I am very aware of the possibility of me sabotaging myself, it is the worst type of sabotage. There is some time constraints here, I keep saying that I need to be in India on the 24th of September, in actually there is no need, as much as there is a big want. I suppose I can delay this, I am running out of time, I must fly to Niger in the next five days to arrive in India on the 24th of September.

I do not have a plane ticket to India so I am capable of changing my plans, I am not sure what to do, I am hoping all this works out today with the Niger Embassy, the USA Embassy or Christopher at the USA Embassy had a letter hand delivered to the Embassy of Niger that pretty much says, that Andy is a Citizen, however we do not write letters for Citizens, and he attached the documentations or policy letter that says the USA Embassy does not write letters. I have be very careful here and this is annoying about what I say in the blog, this is not true, I should be very open, this is my blog. I am worried that a they can talk or say things that would squelch my deal with the Niger Embassy.

I have written to Senator Richard Lugar office after they wrote me requesting me to send a detailed letter to them. I have not heard anything from this office back, it is annoying, they gave me a sort of strong statement saying I should not have my friend call, however now they are slow to respond, I am going to have to call them on Monday and will leave a message, have all my friends call also if I do not get the Visa today.

Everyone assumes there is time, and I do not wish to demand of people, especially people that work for the Government of any nation as I know I could suddenly find the office closed all the time and a complete un-communicable situation with them.

I suppose I do have an ace up my sleeve, I could decide to not go to India on the 24th of September and for sure I get this done, one way or another. Unlimited time and it I can go to any country.

I am not worried about if it is possible to go to Niger, I am just trying to meet my techie in India because in this time period he does not have University, so I am trying to help him. I have discovered though I can fly from Mumbai to Goa for around 43 dollars because of new discount airlines in India, so that is sweetening the pot, and making Niger easy.

Nonetheless all is possible, it is just a little pressure because I want to help out Andrew and arrive when he is not in school, I suppose it helps me because he is trying to accomplish my goals on the internet. Sometimes a person or employer has to ask,
“Do I work for them, or do they work for me?”

Andrew is extremely good and does a very great job of doing what he does, however he needs an interactive personal conversation to help in the communication world.