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I Buy Olympus 480 Camera

2005-08-02 05:07:00

I purchased a new Olympus 480 Camera today for 200 Euros, it has a 3 optical and 4 digital zoom, I will be taking photos with this soon. The Sony I add broke, the lens just stopped going in and out, I have been using my waterproof Sony for a few weeks, the flash on it is broken. I tried to buy another of the waterproof Sonys however the camera shop says I need to go to Lot of good that will do me as a traveler.

It included a 256 Meg card for the 200 Euros, what a pain in the neck.


Says to buy Olympus, so hehehe, I can blame him if it flops... I am kidding, all these camera will break, some quicker than others. He said it in the comments on this page...

I am tough on camera, I take everywhere they say not to go, what is good though the price to play with similar quality a couple of years ago was 700 Euros, so I am way ahead of the game now at 200 Euros.