How to buy a Van in Europe

How to buy a Van in Europe
I have been prodding and pushing a little with Sabine to help me buy a Van in Europe, I have learned a very good thing and that is a web site where I can buy or look at cars online. They are by country and cover most of the bigger ones, however you will need a translator to help you, then a mobile phone and a car to go look at them. The hope though now is I could come and visit Sabine, I pick out a couple of vans, we call and I go and buy one.

Insurance and License Plates
It is not clean still how I will by the plates, however AAA says to Sabine that I can buy a transport plate and insurance for 168 Euros per month, however I cannot bring the car back to Germany, it is only a plate for transportation, however it is good for all of Europe and even good for going into Africa.

I am loss though for the title, and making sure it is in my name, my gut tells me that I should just come and buy the van, find a place to store it, then when I buy it there will be more problems then I expect. Everyone keeps giving me this excuse that I am not a citizen here and I cannot buy a car.

I keep saying,
"If I purchased a factory here in Europe, (Germany) and I purchased a Home to live in for a few months a year, they would let me buy a Car. This has to have something to do with getting a work permit, I am going to go to the American Embassy or find people living in Europe from America that have purchased a car, this is not a strange problem, even some of the legal people from Turkey have the same problem

Sites to buy cars.

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