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How Much to Pay for Plane Ticket

2005-08-13 04:02:00

How Much to Pay for Plane Ticket

DISTANCE FLYING BY AIRPLANE - How much does it cost?

I am making progress finally; hard to believe when I talk to myself how much I really do not know about travel. It is just too big of subject, it would be so much easier if I could just concentrate on one issue, however the site needs contents on all the links and this is an important question.

I want to know a rough guess of how much I should pay for a plane ticket, this is not an easy question and I do not like to talk with people about this because the whole world is an expert and really they know nothing, plus all the web sites and information is so complicated on how to learn about this subject that I know my family and friends are clueless, so just pay a lot.

Take 7 cents times the number of miles; you need to pay this amount and no more than twice that amount.

NEEDED to calculate the mileage around the planet, I hope it works; I do not have a connection to test.


What I know:
- 750 USA Dollars will pay for me to go one-way anywhere on the planet if I am a smart buyer.
- Distance around the planet is 24,901 Miles or 40,075 Kilometers
- The farthest I fly is maybe at max 12,000 miles or 20,000 Kilometers to the farthest distance from any present point on the planet.

750/12,000 or 40,000 EQUAL
.0625 Cents per mile to travel this distance.
.0375 Cents per kilometer traveled.

ONE-Degree Longitude at Equator
111.32 km (69.17 mi)
24901.20 Miles around the earth.
40,075 Kilometers

I put all this type of information on this page; it is where I collect all my airplane type links.

Bottom line, and maybe a “Précia” idea, is this

You figure the miles,
Multiply times 7 Cents, try to get that price and never more than double that price, remember round-trip and one-way are need to be separated, contrary to any crap you hear, you do NOT need to buy a two-way ticket, however someplace it can become very difficult. I go to the internet for sure when everyone is saying the roundtrip crap.

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