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Hobo Has a Niger Visa

2005-08-28 07:02:00

I now have a Niger Visa Stamp in my passport, success by persistence.

It is Moo Tay Play Entry for up to three months, this is how they say Multiple entry Visa in French I guess, I needed to sound it out and translate in my head. Intuition is the key, got to know what the subject is and possible statements that relate to Visas. I was going to get the 30 day Visa for 120 Pounds however decided I could not risk this, as the airplane tickets are difficult and maybe I have to slide the visa up or down. Therefore three months is good for a cost of 292 Egyptian pounds or I think about 70 U.S.

I am happy, that took seven days for the Visa, I came immediately back and talked with Royal Air Moroc, I can only get a seat on the 4th of September.

The office was closed and I need to gather 5000 plus Egyptian Pounds around in one spot, this is not so easy when the ATM or Bank Card limit in Cairo is 1500, I am lucky I have three cards to pull on, and can do this pretty fast. I ask her to hold the ticket and she said,
"Why would we hold the ticket?"

I went on to say this is customary for them to hold a ticket up to 24 hours so we can collect the money or whatever reason, she did not believe me.

The one other girl agent is gone, the one man agent is too busy, Egypt Air has people flowing out the door, everything is closing soon, I will get them as the door opens. Royal Air Moroc is direct with the Airlines, however all the Travel Agents are scattered, they for sure to not make buying a plane ticket here a pleasure, you have to stand in line like you was getting a bus in La Paz, Bolivia and fight the others in line.

I am there, I will soon be in Niger, all is done except the normal run of the day travel arrangements.