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Hobo Business

2005-08-03 22:10:00

Hobo Business
7:46 AM Tuesday August 2, 2005

I am trying to think about a problem, not really a big problem and a good problem if a problem is good. The television has CNN on it, an it is trying to define “New Geek” as opposed to “Old Geek.”

This is crap; they are defining a geek as trendy, paying attention to clothing fashions, way off any mark of geek in my mind.

CNN has nothing to do with my problem, I am having a problem with my Hobo business, and I am having these growing pains. The website has created a successful business model. Here I am saying business model and for sure, this sounds like a silly conglomerate with suits, offices, and a serious day of work. I am lying on the couch of my friend Sabine and watching the TV, wishing there was any channel besides CNN to watch.

However, I do have some decisions I need to make to continue working toward my mission to create a Hobo Home on the internet, this is scary, I am going to go look at my mission for

Hmm… I see or found my mission for travel, ok that is not the goals for, I guess that is the problem, trying to make sure I am enjoying my life and traveling the way I wish to travel.

The Hobo web site is making demands on my time and my travels, I do not seem to care, however it is annoying to me that I have to make reservations in Europe, it is also annoying to me that I need, not really need, however want, I do not want, I really and thinking I could or should fit some trips into my around the world paths so I can talk to some people.

It is annoying that the internets, telephone, are not capable of explaining to people as well as a good old meeting of two people in a room to talk.

I am now planning to go to India, Singapore, Boston, and Manchester England to talk with people needed to run my web site, they are experts that can make my internet life easier. I need some help and sometime the internet does not get the job done. The need for a meeting where I can look in their eyes, ask probing questions and judge their levels of honesty is needed. It is highly possible the cost of having the Hobo web site goes to 600 Dollars per month very soon, it is presently at about 200 Dollars, so not a toy, and this is real.