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Hmm Girls Can Lead You Astray

2005-08-20 09:53:00

I met a friend and only a friend, however a pretty friend from Iceland in Tel Aviv in the Hostel, I came with her to the Faisal Hostel here in Jerusalem. It is a nice place and full of some form or activist or pro-Palestine type, or maybe anti-Israeli types.

Now many of you who read the Blog or Newsletter already know I am found of Israeli girls, however I suppose I like all girls and really am not prejudice in anyway and will give all my attention to any pretty smile and always do my best, however....

I have found that in Israel, there are few people in the backpacker set who come here just to go see Bethlehem, they all seem to come as either two types.

1. The paid to come young Jewish person that is being promoted or encouraged to come to Israel to settle, I guess they will pay for the plane ticket if you are under I think 26 and are Jewish.
They go to Tel Aviv and other party type places, however I really am not sure.

2. The anti-Israel protesters or anti-occupation protesters, they come in all shapes and forms and mostly represent themselves not this however they are this.

3. The innocent bystanders that are tourist and thought Israel would be a cool place to visit because of all the ancient history... (This is me.)
Plus I thought my mother would like this....

4. NOT Backpacker, however many tour groups playing follow the leader. Probably the best way to come.

However I followed my friend here and I have realized I am in a activist Hostel, I was talking to a girl earlier and she recommended I lie about which Hostel I as this could get me in trouble and she thinks even banned from the country.

I think she is full of crap, however it will be interesting to find out and for sure I am not going to lie... Go to the Holy Land then break one of the Ten Commandments to get out of the place, just seems out of place.

I like Israel, and do not think they will ban me, however if they do, then so be it, however I am a very big fan of Israeli girls and I am sure this irritates the Israeli guys, so they could have a good reason to ban me, however I do not think the Israelis will ban me for me flirting with their girls. I do think this is probably dangerous if I flirt too much with the Palestine girls, they just do not have a sense of humor or sense of sharing.

Oh well, Iceland, you would think they would keep out of trouble, however like the Swedes, and the Japanese, and the Spanish they are all up to something over here. Many Japanese in the Hostel, Basque, Catalonia and enough Scandinavians. Plus too many Americans, they are very annoying as nothing worse than hearing your own culture be... well, not open minded.

This is funny though, a very easy place to stay, no arguments from me, because the minds are not open here, and there is only one opinion about issues, so no need to talk, or why would I talk with person that only have a one-track opinion on issues. I do like Hisham and Mohammed the people who more or less manage the place, they are good folk.