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Haifa Israel

2005-08-10 12:25:00

I am totally confused and did not post some information I typed while I was in Frankfurt, I am now visiting and doing a lot with "The Dude."

I do not like to be called Dude and my friend calls me Dude all the time, and he wants to be anonymous, I am not sure why, however, oh well... his name is now
"The Dude."

Me and The Dude went to Haifa and strangely took photos of South African Soldier Graves that are buried there, in sort of Commonwealth cemeteries. The Dude is doing some favor for Friends. There is some funky religion there and I passed on going and visiting another religion. I am sure the Jewish, Christian and Islamic is plenty for my levels of tolerance of annoying things in life. I really am tire of Religious type tourist attraction, there are too many in the world. However I am going to Concentrate on Jesus Christ and his travels in this area, and how he influenced my world and the rest.

For Mom here is a map of Israel, the beach in Tel Aviv is really good so I am at home with a good book, getting my beach boy look back in form.

The Dude is giving me a day off tomorrow for following him around so I will post some photos and have some internet freedom. I think he is making sure I have a lot to do, and I am over my 2 hour allotment for tourism, more than 2 hours and I get bored.

I am living in Tel Aviv, Israel, however went to Haifa today, the country is about 6 hours long and 3 hours wide.