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Germany and Turkey

2005-08-02 05:28:00

I am in the Internet Cafe here in Tuttlingen, Germany,

Ran by a man from Afghanistan.
Full of people from the country of Turkey, and I am sure others, however I do not get to look at their Identification Cards.

Interesting Germany after Eastern Europe, I left a white bread part of Europe and came back into a full selection of bread types. What is interesting to me is that it appears to me that life could be better in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania, and Poland, therefore why is everyone here in Germany.

These are people coming to immigrate or live, therefore there is quality of life question be asked by all of them. This is similar to the USA, the Mexican would have a five times better quality of life if they would distribute around the whole country.

Instead it appears that most Mexicans go to Houston, Los Angeles, or Miami, then there is not enough jobs. France, Germany and England are taking a high proportion of the immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East type countries. Every person follows the person in front of them just like in kindergarten, where free thinking takes a day off.