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Gaza Disengagement

2005-08-17 08:20:00

I am learning more each day about Jerusalem and the Gaza Disengagement, here is a map of the Gaza Strip in Israel and a place to post photos.

The Hostel I am in is full of anti-Israeli people or Pro-Palestine people who all want Israel to leave, not that simple however I came with my friend Anna from Iceland and she was a volunteer, therefore I realize I have met now only two other tourist. Everyone here has some form of Political agenda. I have never talked less Politics in all my life, I just consider the conversations in the Hostel to have taken and all time low for intellectual pursuits.

I wanted to club and American boy last night who sat and berated his girl friend for at least one-half hour and more because she reads an Israeli newspaper, I think it is this one, although I could easily be wrong, there was one sitting her the other day, now I do not see it.

It is interesting how a person can say,
"It is stupid."
and call names of anyone that would read a paper, I kept my mouth shut because the girl was a victim and she was his girlfriend, this is a place where people are oppress and some of them ask for it, I really am not sure who I avoid more oppressors or the self-appointed victims.

Well to say the least he was rampant on saying people were stupid and the name calling reminded me of my friend Dave in Thailand who was instructing me about hate mail or bad mails I receive, saying that when an email starts by calling me a name or insinuating I am stupid or something than there is not a reason to go on with the email.

This has been somewhat good advice however it is possible for a very angry and difficult, name calling person to make a good point, so I try to weigh the number of comments of such before I just discount the email. This is a provoking email and only meant to try to make me angry, not a lot of value.

The American boy who was trying to tell his girlfriend she was stupid was to me stupid, so I want to do the same as him, however I want to call him stupid... hehehe

His problem was a California, I am smarter than you problem, he is part of a culture that believes they are more aware than others, if it is possible for one region or place to have the general mentality smarter.

I was told the other day from a person that says he is a free-lance reporter that the Hostel is busy in the morning with reporters preparing to leave to cover the Gaza story. I am glad to say that they do not wake up an different than usual travelers so I can use the internet easily.

Gaza or Gasa Disengagement had the deadline last night at midnight, it is about 7:21 AM presently here in Jerusalem and nothing is happening here as best I can feel, I am not sure what the reporters want to see.

8000 people are being moved from Gaza and the land will be given to the Palestine people, I am not sure if this is good or not, I thought until I came here this was a really great idea. However nobody here is happy or looking at this as a positive movement. I think most of the people in the Hostel are viewing this as just one step to the elimination of the Jewish people...

I really think they all want them dead, I am not under the impression that they want them to also live in peace, this is sort of a scary mentality to me, I do not see them giving or offering solutions where both survive and live. This may fuel more violence in the area, I hope not and I hope the Palestine people accept this and try to work towards two separate nations, however I feel an evil here and I think they will only be happy when all the Israeli or Jewish people are dead, I do not care of the rhetoric I hear, they want them dead and gone.

Israel is putting themselves though on the moral high ground and if the Palestine people do not behave the world will have trouble believing they want peace, this can be a huge problem.

Israel is for sure not behaving either, there are massive amounts of Jewish zealots who believe that God has gave them this land.

The bottom line and what makes Jerusalem not so Holy Land is that there are three factions who believe they are the rightfully possessors of this area.

Jewish Islamic and Christian.

They all are working in the name of God, they all worship the same God, and just a different path.

I think my mother would say,
"Why can't they share."

Good question, my answer would be,
"Mom, they are not of God, they are of the Devil."

You can feel and see it, this intolerance and I am more correct or more just than you mentality is difficult. How can you have peace when compromise is not part of your mindset because you know or believe that God or you are one hundred percent correct.

Truthfully I do not care, the Christian Bible in the New Testament said,
"Let the dead bury the dead."

This to mean let those who are dead deal with those who are dead, let the things of man deal with the things of man and go on with the God things or Good things of life, my life is good so I am ok.