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Frankfurt Germany

2005-08-05 22:49:00

I am here in Frankfurt and learning nothing about Frankfurt, because I am at the convention with many techies that are from another planet, however extremely intelligent Aliens however not to socially adaptive.

I learned a little about Copyrights and Bots or Robots for the site yesterday, interesting however not for normal prime time viewing.

There is a guy here that passed out at the table two day ago, and he keep belching as he works on the computer, I am tempted to put his photo on the internet as I took a photo of him passed out, if he belches a few times more I will need revenge for bad manners.

The conference is interesting, however there is only Samuel here from the Harvard group of Bloggers and he is busy doing something....

All the people here are "Wikis," or something like that, they are all either speakers or avid posters or editors of the site.

I have an interactive site, most or about 90 percent of the links on a person can post a comment below, however normally they just put in links and comments. However it is an adapted forum idea. However I am amazed at the ability of Wiki to allow anyone to edit the post. I am thinking of using this format on the tail end or the very last page of my site.

I am putting up massive amounts of Hotels or Rooms for Hoboes and Rich people on the site. It is still a mess, however me and Andrew boy genius from India are making progress. However the Wiki concept of edits would be good on the last page of

This page is a specific page where a Hotel could post pictures of their Hotel, explain, and then people could review and rate ANY hotel, not just the cheapies. I am wanting to make it so people can sort by price, area, state, etc. So they can set their preferences, then go for that type of dwelling. My preference is for the Hostel or Hotel with a Guest Kitchen.

HOWEVER the big problem is brainwaves, I need more brainwaves working on this, and do not have the money to pay made in the USA brains, I will go to India in September in the Pune area south of Mumbai and search for brains, at an economical price.

My Blogger spell checker says "Brainwaves" is not a word, I do not like spell checkers, that is obvious.