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Frankfurt Germany Airport

2005-08-08 11:30:00

Frankfurt Germany Airport
Monday, August 8, 2005 4:29 AM

I have awaked after sleeping the night in the Frankfurt Germany main Airport, life is good. I have found been lucky enough to find one electrical plug for my computer and in an isolated location so I can sleep and then work on the computer without using up all the battery charge. I always am on plug unless I absolutely need it, I save the battery for the two hour or one-hour time I really want to work, however have no electricity. I always plug in if possible.

I am thinking too much about the Wiki Conference and ideas it gave me and many of the challenges I face as a traveler and blogger. Keeping it simple, I am wandering the planet and using the internet in a very complicated way. Maybe sometimes, I am jealous or even angry with some of the webmasters, there is this innate competition to learn more or to know more than the person next to you is, and I often do not compete. Every person at the Wiki conference knew more about Wikipedia.org than me, they all were either editors or worked on the site in some manner.

I like Encyclopedias; I had no idea why the WikiPedia.org Encyclopedia was different until I was at the conference. I came just because I like Encyclopedias, I would have gone to a World Book or Encarta or any type of Encyclopedia. I knew the Wiki one was an open source one, however really I did not know enough to even have a comment.

I have a challenge to find a way to have access on my computer when I am in the Hotel rooms. This is easy if I pay 100 Dollars per night and stay in the business Hotels, however to have a cheap, cost effective internet access connection in my room, while in the Jungle is the problem.

I guess if I could find a cell telephone access that cost less than 3 Euros-Dollars per hour then I could do this, the best would be Satellite, however for sure the Satellite is more like 60 Euro-Dollars per hour. There is ways in some countries like probably Thailand to do this, however the time it take to arrange the connection is onerous. I need a method that goes from country to country and really works. There are these “Main City” connections that are available, they will allow me internet access in the main “Business Areas” of the world, however that is not where I like to be, who wants to be in the busiest locations of the planet, not me, this is to say, live in the where there are the most people and the most tourist.

I am working on an idea to create a wiki with questions posted and they tap hopefully in the social intelligence of the world of internet.

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